The lean without eating clean book is a simple and straightforward guide to obviously not eating clean. The reason why I chose to purchase this book is, due to the fact that JD Marshall is a real guy and what I mean by that is not some competitor or individual that is all juiced up.

I am really sick of all the books and products promoted by people on enormous amounts of hormones that the everyday person does not wish to put into their body. This doesn't mean they're bad people but their gains and results are completely unreal for the everyday guy or girl.

If I am shooting up steroids while you are not, the same rules will not apply to us due to the fact my body’s metabolism and body processes have been altered and sped up.

Anyways not to digress from the book, but it is just something that bothers me. Lean without eating clean, like I said earlier is straight to the point and it allows you to jump right into your own customized diet.

Now I cannot claim this book will teach you everything you will need to learn but it definitely provides everything you need in order to get started while providing a solid foundation.

Another reason why I got the book is due to the fact you do not have to eat a 100% clean diet. As a matter of fact you do not have to eat a clean diet whatsoever. But, most of us who are going to the gym and working out want to maximize our results. This does not mean that you cannot do it on a 100% dirty diet but having a burger right before you go to the gym is probably not going to end well.

Nonetheless this book is amazing and I highly recommended to anyone who is into fitness or is having trouble with modern diets. You have a lot more flexibility didn't then you think. 

Most diet books do not tell you is that each calorie is processed identically. This does not mean that a burger is as healthy as an apple but the carbohydrates are processed the same inside of the body. Now if we really want to get technical the burger is a little harder for your body to break down but in the end it is broke down the same. 

So if you are ready to hit your fitness goals and eat like a normal human being, then I definitely put my seal of approval on this book. Get ready to kick some ass in the gym and head on over to leanwithouteatingclean.com

Chu L